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From the bottom of my heart I'm so grateful I can do yoga with you. There is always great energy around. Lessons are just perfect what ever yoga style it is. Even I've had some health issues in the past and I wanted to stop with everything for a while but you helped me so much physically as well as mentally. Thank you that you really get me into Yoga and now I love it.

Thanks, Monika K

I started doing  yoga at the beginning of 2020 with a focus on Ashtanga. Amie has helped me discover a love of Yoga which I look forward to every week for the physical benefits, but also for the mental clarity it provides. When I became pregnant in July I told myself that I wanted to maintain my weekly yoga practice and with the help of Amie I am so glad I did. Pre-pregnancy my focus was on improving flexibility and strength by mastering new poses, so while pregnancy has slowed down this aspect of my practice I truly believe that continuing to practise has helped me maintain a level of fitness to help endure the strains that pregnancy can put on the body. Amie is attentive and always checks in on how I’m feeling each week and adjusts the practice and poses to suit what I require, based on how I am feeling on that particular day. Every time I practise with Amie I leave having shaken off any stressors from the day, feeling refreshed and relaxed. I cannot recommend her enough. 

Jessie A

My weekly yin session with Amie is something I really look forward to. I am a beginner, but have found the guided sessions challenging and rewarding. I sleep so well every Tuesday night! 

Katie H

Wow, another great session. It was so relaxing and your voice was so soothing, I think I nearly went to sleep.

I love the long poses—great stretching out my lower back as this is always really tight.

The wall was amazing and the range of movement with my left side was so much easier. 

I love these Tuesday sessions, and I felt the stretch exactly where you said I would feel it, so I think I must be doing them right. 

Loved it and can’t believe how fast it goes.

Stacey R

That was a good yoga nidra last night ... you were like commander of a space craft... I think I fell asleep and woke up like 20 times. I usually struggle to lie down and stay still for so long but I am finding progress in each class. 

Shelley Q

I've been doing personal training sessions with Amie for a few years now at the recommendation of a friend - one of the best life decisions I've ever made! Amie listened to my fitness, strength and health concerns and goals, and tailors my sessions to be what I need most. She pushes me when I need it, but has also adapted session through injury so I could continue my workouts in a safe way. Amie has stood by me and supported not only my fitness journey but my mental journey too. She believes in me even when I don't! 

In early 2019, when I booked a yoga retreat on a whim, I began doing yoga with Amie as well as the PT sessions. She took me through the basics of many styles to prepare me for the retreat. Two years later and my weekly yoga session with Amie always leaves me feeling refreshed and with a mental clarity that allows me to shake off the strains of the day. 

Seonaigh S

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Amie is a Registered Yoga Teacher, Qualified Personal Trainer, Effective Movement Trainer, Boxing Trainer, Mindfulness Coach, Internationally Certified Nutrition Coach, Certified Ayurvedic Nutritionist, and provides Yoga Alliance continuing education.

She loves yoga, meditation, all exercise, sport, good food, the beach, sunshine, and people.

Services include: Personal Training, Private Yoga sessions, beach and studio classes, events, Ayurveda, and Nutrition Coaching. 

When asked about her job, Amie says: I love it, all of it! The plan has always been to provide a holistic service, that is fun and rewarding, customised to each individual—because we are all different but we all want to enjoy life.