• Amie

Late Summer Magic

It’s raining. As I walk my daughter to school, I say to her how lucky we are to walk to school in the rain, today, on her birthday. Rain is so cleansing, renewing, the plants get to drink, the animals can drink from fresh puddles, birds can play in puddles, you can play in puddles, the fairies can dance around the garden in the rain drops—she looks at me then with a big 7 year old expression, like, really Mummy? Of course, I say, giving her a big hug, well lots of hugs, lots of kisses, and watch her walk into her classroom. I have a few hours before I start work today, so I walk down to the beach. The sky is many different shades of grey, some very dark grey clouds loom over the ocean and I can see heavy rain falling from these heavy looking clouds. I have rain drops falling on my face as I walk through the sand; it’s very refreshing. I splash my feet through the waves washing up on the sand, the water is warm, and also grey, reflecting the sky. I see two big boats out on the horizon, one person in the water, a lady running along the beach, and a man walking his dog. Other than that, just me. The beach feels expansive. After walking for about 15 minutes I see a space on the sand where I feel impelled to sit. The spaciousness and freshness of my surroundings bring a relaxing and peaceful feeling. I feel so light, yet so grounded. With my eyes closed, I can feel the soft texture of the sand, smell the ocean, feel the rain drops, and picture playful colours of pink, blue, and green enveloping my body. This is peace, harmony, this feels like magic.

Take some time to connect with Nature.

Love, Amie.